Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nature Network

WHAT? Nature Network


WHEN? February 2007

WHY? Nature Network is an “… online meeting place for … [scientists] and fellow scientists to gather, talk and find out about the latest scientific news and events.”

Within the Nature Network registered members can
  • can create their own personal profile in which they can describe themselves and their research interests

  • establish a group for one’s lab, department or institution, or create a topic-based group

  • join and have discussions with group members

  • build their own online network of like-minded people

  • offer you views on developments in their fields or in the broader world of science

  • post comments on other individual’s blogs

  • search and browse a comprehensive listing of all forthcoming seminars and conferences

  • registered users can post their own events

  • read the latest news, views and historical insights in the news sections of the networks featured cities

  • discuss articles using the network’s commenting system

  • browse local job listings


In addition to global blogs, forums, groups, and member’s directory, the Nature Network offers access to the site (‘Jobs’) and ‘Local News’ and ‘Events’ relevant to the current city networks, Boston [] [Congrats, Red Sox !!!] and London [].

A ‘quick tour’ video about the basic features and functions in Nature Network is available []

HOW? After registration, users are provided with the opportunity to create a profile by providing personal and professional data and information (e.g., occupation, interests, projects, publications, and additional contact addresses). In addition, individuals can review their ‘entries’ (postings), ‘network’ membership, ‘groups’ and ‘tags’.

Registered users can invite other members to join their personal network. Users can also join a group of interest, or contribute to a variety of blogs or forums

Users can search the global Nature Network or local city versions, or browse the respective components of such versions. The membership directory (‘People’) can not only be searched by name, but browsed or searched by self-assigned ‘tags’. Blogs, forums, and groups can also be searched and browsed directly or by tag.

All Nature Network component tags can be accessed from the main site []. Current tags are grouped in three categories: ‘rising’, ‘stable’ and ‘falling’. 'Rising' tags are new or gaining in popularity, 'stable' tags are consistently mentioned, and 'falling' are declining in use.”

WHO? Nature Network is provided by the Nature Publishing Group, the publisher of Nature, one the world's major weekly scientific journals.

CITE: Jessica Shepherd, “Would Like to Meet: A Popular New Site Could See Scientists Exchanging Ideas, Posting Data ... and Even Finding Love Online,” The Guardian (Education Pages), July 3, 2007.
[,,2116570,00.html ]

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