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WHEN? December 2006

WHY? “is user-driven scientific content: [one] … can share, vote, and comment on articles and news among a global community. is a scientific community: create a profile, assign tags (keywords) to your account, and find and network with other registered users.” is an article repository that allows registered users “… to start a library of scientific research that's important to … [them] --publications … [they’ve] authored, or articles that furthers … [their] research.” was originally launched as with the intent of providing “individuals [with] the opportunity to meet, dialogue, discuss, debate, and interact with other researchers and professionals involved in discovery and process development for the pharmaceutical and bio-based materials industries.” sought to provide “ … a forum to share information, identify opportunities, and seek collaborations with fellow scientists and industry professionals.”
HOW? To use the full functionality of, individuals must be registered. Registration is free and requires only basic identification information; one need not be a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) to join.

As a resource for scientists, users are requested to submit only articles of interest to the community. Contributors should avoid submitting duplicate items by searching before submission. Submissions should include a link to the original item if possible; at minimum an abstract should be provided. A note on the significance of the submission should also be provided [].

Non-registered and registered users can access the Recent Articles’, ‘Featured Articles’, or the ‘Top Community Articles’ groupings, or by an ‘Article tag cloud’ (‘All’, ’46 hours’, ‘This week’, ‘This month’, ‘This year’). A basic listing of contributions in reverse chronological order option is also available as is access to contributions by rating over a variety of periods (i.e., ‘Top today’ , ‘Top last’, ‘7 days’, ‘Top last 30 days’ , ‘All by vote’, ‘All by date’).

Only registered users can vote or comment on a contribution, or access the membership directory.

A ‘Search’ box for free-text searching is available in the upper right-hand corner of the service’s homepage.

WHO? American Chemical Society (

CITE: Linda Wang, “ACS Launches Social Networking Site,” Chemical & Engineering News 84 no. 51 (December 18 2006). Available at: []

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