Saturday, January 12, 2008

BioMedExperts Scientific Online Community Launched

BioMedExperts [] is a new online community that connects biomedical researchers to each other through the display and analysis of the networks of co-authors with whom each investigator works to publish scientific papers. The comprehensive system of pre-populated expert profiles, coupled with the ability to analyze all associated professional connections within the co-author network, allows scientists and researchers across organizations the ability to share data and collaborate in ways never before considered.

BME benefits - bringing the brains together

  • Analyze the expert profiles of more than 1.4 million scientists
  • As a scientist, you can explore your personal network - starting with your direct co-authors and moving on to the co-authors of your co-authors
  • Identify researchers with the expertise you need in your broader network through easy-to-use search interfaces
  • Connect with other researchers who you have identified via BME
  • Cultivate and grow your professional network


BME for biomedical associations

Connect the association members and stimulate research cooperation

BME for governmental institutions

Interlink biomedical experts in your area and unveil their combined regional expertise to the rest of the world

BME for research institutions

Pinpoint institutional expertise for big-science and translational research initiatives


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