Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pronetos: The Social Network For Scholars

What is Pronetos?

Pronetos [] [] is a home to communities and scholars of every academic discipline: a global think-tank of the leaders in your field.
  • Share a paper with colleagues
  • Find scholars in your field
  • Post course materials
  • Network and collaborate
  • Find research in your field
  • Post an announcement to your colleagues
  • See the message board in your discipline
Pronetos is a social network for scholars and an Open Access publisher. It provides an intuitively designed, real-time, web based community platform that facilitates mass collaboration and democratizes content for global distribution among academics with the ability to archive and search that content. With Pronetos, ideas are shared at the speed of thought, and those who create them control them.

Pronetos is home to communities of every academic discipline – a global think-tank of the leaders in every field. Pronetos makes it easy for scholars to stay connected with thier colleagues, wherever they may be. Pronetos is a place for scholars to network, and build and share ideas with the greatest minds in their field.

Pronetos is a content repository that allows readers and authors to interact and build new ideas. Connect to scholars in your field as you would at a conference, except this conference is attended by scholars from across the globe. Make interdisciplinary contacts. Exchange ideas. Collaborate. Gain exposure for your research. Stay current on trends in your field. Join Disciplines, post discussions, upload articles, read, comment, and rate others’ articles.

Pronetos is the premier gathering place for scholars to collaborate, network, and publish their ideas. Watch in 2008 as we roll out our suite of Open Access publishing services. Publish your own manuscripts with global distribution, create custom textbooks for your classes, and much more.

Plus, you retain ownership of your material through Creative Commons licensing.


Egon Willighagen said...

So, what does it have to offer in favor of competitors? I think by now most of us already have an online account, and I am wondering what extra feature this website has to offer? LinkedIn does the job for me...

Michael S. Hart said...

I rather like the invitation to talk,
the live map of where people are, and
the sense [am I the only one getting
the sense of this?] that we are being
invited to make the world better.

My own personal offering is eBooks.

I am just now buying a USB flashdrive
that will hold every word in all 32 M
books in the Library of Congress, and
it weighs about 1/3 ounce, requires
no batteries, and costs just over $150 [not sure of shipping yet].

Gerry said...


Thanks for your interest.

Can you tell me more about the USB Flash drive and the LoC 32 M collection?