Thursday, June 5, 2008

iBreadCrumbs: A Social Network for Researchers

iBreadCrumbs: A Social Network for Researchers to Share Recorded URLs, Track Websites, Review Notes Online, and Encourage Online Collaborative Research. is a recording toolbar for your web browser. Similar to what a DVR does for tv, records all the web pages you visit while you research. Save, review, and share your research with friends or colleagues. iBreadCrumbs allows students, researchers, and professors to organize the world's data into narrow research "breadcrumbs" or click-streams.



Interactive BreadCrumbs was created by two Cal State Fullerton entrepreneur students, Reuben Fine and Rey Marques. During their group research projects, they became extremely frustrated at the inefficiency and redundancy of gathering research and decided to solve the problem by creating iBreadCrumbs. They created this site in the hopes that students and researchers worldwide will be able to save and share their research with others in a fast and easy way.


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/ iBreadCrumbs: a Social Network for Research Sharing / Catherine Rampell / The Chroncile of Higher Education / Wired Campus / June 4 2008 /

Two California State University at Fullerton students have created a tool that allows researchers to share and annotate online research materials.

iBreadCrumbs is a toolbar download that works with Firefox. The software records all the pages you visit when you do research online and allows you to annotate them and share the materials with the users of any Web browser. The product is free.



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