Thursday, June 12, 2008

ResearchGATE Scientific Network

ResearchGATE [] is a new free of charge web 2.0 platform designed for the need of researchers. With this new platform we want to change the world of science by providing a global and powerful scientific web-based environment, in which scientists can interact, exchange knowledge and collaborate with researchers of different fields.

Sign up and be part of the first scientific network.
  • present yourself and your research projects
  • enroll, expand, and broaden your science network globally
  • exchange know-how and expertise
  • initiate collaboration
  • discuss your research limitation and get positive feedback
  • use our innovative tools and work environments for online collaboration


Our Vision: Towards Science 2.0 - The change is happening

"It is obvious that anything a scientist discovers or invents is based on previous discoveries and inventions." (Lukas Foss).


A vision of Science 2.0 is promising: Instead of disseminating scientific results in regularly scheduled and printed journal issues, now a continuous release of articles in online format will change and expedite the way new results are spread. Without anonymous review processes, open access journals or wiki-like concepts will assure the quality of science. Hidden conglomerates of various interests will give way to transparent and traceable new concepts of scientific impact measurements. Science is collaboration, so scientific social networks, wikis and other means of collaboration will facilitate and improve the way scientists collaborate.

It is clear that the change is already happening. Old fashioned lab note books have given way to Wikis, and the amount of open access journals is increasing. The tendency is that researchers no longer accept control of their publication by others. Raw research data is spread to the benefit of all.


ResearchGATE is for scientists built by scientists driven by the concept of Science 2.0




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1 comment:

Steven Mansour said...

Hi Gerry,

A small correction: the World Association of Young Scientists is actually the first - and largest - grassroots scientific social web network.

We pioneered the p2p approach for dissemination of scientific data and "matchmaking" for scientists working across disciplines and nations.

At any rate, we encourage and nurture like-minded projects and are happy to see scientists taking to the web.

Keep up the great blog!