Sunday, August 10, 2008

HCAR KnowledgeMesh™: Connecting the Dots

The HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ is a social networking and scientific mapping online community that is providing a platform and environment for life sciences and high technology professionals who represent industry, academia, government, investment, workforce, and support organizations to have quality interactions, thereby advancing R&D in the global community.

Similar to LinkedIn™ and Facebook™, the HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ is user-driven and is designed to organically grow and develop overtime.

The HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ houses communities where people from around the globe can interact and collaborate on topics that are important to them. Features of the HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ include communities that are focused on particular research areas like oncology, clean technology, nanotechnology, and many other areas, as well as places and tools for the posting of individual and company profiles, events, blogs, bookmarks on scientific papers, presentations, and podcasts, to name a few.

How does it benefit users?

The HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ provides users with access to new information, ideas, contacts, projects, academic papers, technologies, investment options and many other opportunities that in some way touch the research park. Through this community users will have the opportunity to advance their research and development or their business model and their overall knowledge of the industry.


HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ Vision

HCAR provides our resident organizations with facilitated access to business services and research resources that accelerate their growth and success in the global economy. [snip]

The HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ will house communities where people located around the globe, including you, can interact and collaborate on topics ... . Features of the HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ include organized communities that are focused on specific research areas like metabolic disease, solar power and nanotechnology, as well as tools that will allow ... [one] to post ... personal or company profile, promote events, write blogs, and share bookmarks on scientific papers, presentations, and podcasts, to name a few.


HCAR New Features


Profile and Community Dashboards - Various dashboards that offer a quick-glance of "going-on's" within your community and among your colleagues.

File Permissions - The ability for you to decide who sees your content in your personal or community file repository.

Colleague and Community Member Moderation - The ability to decide who can be your colleague and/or member of your community.

Blogs - Journal entries where colleagues and community members can read and give feedback.


Dashboards - Dashboards offer a quick-glance of "going-on's" within your community and HCAR KnowledgeMesh. Here you can review your recent messages, accept invites, see recent blogs from your connections and your community or if you are a moderator of a community, you can see the list of invites and other tasks to complete.

Communities: You can now join or create communities! When you first go to communities, look for the link to join or create your own community. We already created a series of communities for you: Government, Industry, Life Sciences, and Real Estate. There are also some sub-communities.


Messages: This is the internal messaging system within HCAR.


The HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ is a virtual communications platform that will advance science and technology. Each node in the mesh represents an area of research expertise, investment preference, or business model, to name a few. The HCAR KnowledgeMesh™ has been built to encourage communication between those nodes to facilitate the sharing of experience, key findings, and unique expertise.


KnowledgeMesh includes profiles, wikis and other tools that were created by Intelmarx, a social software provider that caters to nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions.



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