Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laboratree: Research Management System

Welcome to Laboratree. Laboratree is being developed in the Indiana University School of Medicine Bioinformatics Core primarily by the Mooney Lab.

The Core/Mooney Lab assists a number of different groups on campus. Laboratree has been a tool used as a training ground to help new hires and students to brush up on their coding skills.

Laboratree is a social networking tool for scientists and a research management tool. Laboratree allows you to grow you network by joining up with various colleagues, groups, and projects. Laboratree allows you to e-mail or send messages to all parts of your network. Laboratree allows you to manage a personal or group blog. Laboratree's latest feature allows you to share papers, documents, and other files with other people on Laboratree.

NOTE: Laboratree is a work and progress ... .

Laboratree is being developed by:

Technical Leads: Brandon Peters, Sean Mooney

Programming: Jamison Hemmert, Peter Baenziger, Joshua Waymire, Kishore K. Kamati, Jessica Dantzer, Craig Sanders, Peter Serguta

Design: Joy Nellis


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