Monday, August 11, 2008

SciSpace: The Social Networking Site For Scientists [] is a new collaborative tool established by NIEeS, designed to serve the needs of science. The growth of social network web sites such as MySpace and Facebook have shown the power of using the web to support interactions. These examples are focussed on social interactions, and enable individuals to publish information about themselves and communicate with friends and people who they discover share common interests. The technologies that underpin social networks can also be harnessed to support collaborations between researchers, and this is the goal of uses the Elgg software, which is more commonly used to support learning environments such as Eduspaces, Community@Brighton, Leeds Elgg and Claremont Conversation. takes a different approach in that it has the primary aim of supporting collaboration. It provides its members a number of opportunities:

  • Ability to add content in blogs and wikis, and to add comments on both
  • Ability for this content to be associated with you as an individual, or as part of a community
  • Ability to form and join communities, large and small
  • A fine control over access limitations, ranging from very tight control to full public access
  • Ability to create groups as part of the access control mechanisms
  • Scope to create and edit a personal profile to present information about your interests and expertise
  • Ability to add detailed tags to enable other members of to find you in order to establish a new collaboration
  • Ability to create friends
  • Ability to track new content
  • Ability to aggregate content via RSS


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SciSpace accounts are obtained by invitation from an existing member - use the browse button to find someone you know. If you can't find a member to invite you, send an email to


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NIEeS is a collaboration between and Natural Research Council (UK) and Cambridge University.

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David Crotty said...

Your list of site after site is reminding me of this article:

"Low barriers to entry make competition cut throat:
Commodity software is always a concern, and when this occurs, there are so many entrants the market is confused –unable to determine who to purchase from, and competitors may eat into each others margins. Take for example the crowded community platform space (aka white label social networking) industry that has over 100 vendors –all offering very similar software."