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Scholarly Networking / Dr Laura James / Arcadia Seminar / April 21 2009

Arcadia Seminar: Scholarly Networking

Speaker: Dr Laura James / Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET) / University of Cambridge

Location: Wolfson College.

Date and Time: Tuesday / 21 April 2009 / 18:00-19:15

The university experience, whether teaching, learning or researching, has always been built around interactions between people, and the network of people one meets. CARET is investigating many aspects of scholarly networking, including supporting and enhancing these real world connections online, and the ways in which academic networking differs from social networking (whilst drawing on the viral and compelling nature of consumer social tools).

Dr James will present various parts of this work including design personas drawn from user research into the ways that academics at all levels communicate today, which are informing user-centric design of scholarly networking concepts. In addition, she will touch upon business models for sustainability of academic networking systems and the different organisations who might host them.

About The Speaker

Dr Laura James manages people, projects and operations at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge, and leads the CARET projects about scholarly networking. Her background is in high tech research and development, and she has worked at AT&T Labs in the US and UK , designing and prototyping cutting edge internet-connected wireless devices and systems.

Dr James was the first employee at (a consumer electronics company, producing connected home technology) and lead the engineering design team there through from idea to shipping product. She holds Masters and PhD degrees in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Dr James was a NESTA Crucible fellow in 2007, and is an alumnus of the Royal Academy of Engineering Leadership Award and Executive Engineer programmes.

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